A Personal Message from

Daniel Clay

A Personal Message to the Reader

Prophecies are delivered, not to fulfill idle curiosities, but that they may act as a warning!

In receiving adequate warning, man has hope in that he may so direct life’s paths as to bring that which is most beneficent unto himself.

Thus, prophecies are given, not so that some individuals may have a greater knowledge of that which must occur, but so that all individuals may have greater knowledge as to how they may interact with events as they occur, to bring about that which is most beneficent and helpful for mankind.

It can be said of no particular event that it “must” occur, but rather that events are created as individuals, singularly and collectively, act upon that which is occurring. In acting upon choices made, individuals thus have the power to affect the manifestation of Divine Will in the environment in which they live.

This can clearly be seen in the words of Jesus when he said: “Pray that your flight be not in the winter, nor during the Sabbath”. Jesus was showing that the individuals who would be a part of fulfilling this prophecy could, through their conscious efforts, manifest effects upon the situations and events that would occur, to make them more beneficial to themselves.

Thus, it must be understood, We prophesy, We speak, not to simply give a harsh warning of things that must occur, but rather to give mankind advance knowledge, that there might be hope in the way in which man interacts with the events and occurrences of those situations which will ultimately occur as a result of karma due to mankind’s consciousness and actions.

There is always hope for change. There is always the possibility that any prophecy can be aborted.

The ultimate goal of any true prophet of the Divine is to see that those who “hear”, that those who comprehend, be transformed from within the heart in such a way that all evil might be avoided, and that all good might be made manifest. If it were absolutely certain that events MUST occur, there would be no need for prophecy; but prophecy is provided by the Divine so that mankind has the opportunity, the chance, to change its course, its direction for the better.

The burning desire of true prophets is that dire prophecies of destruction be aborted by man’s will to do good and Divine Mercy. If a prophet’s message is accepted, and warning duly acted upon, Divine Grace through merciful love voids the prophesied consequences.

How can the courses that governments, families and individuals are upon be altered in such a way as to manifest that which is optimally beneficial?

Such a change comes about when each individual recognizes the divinity within the self and each and every other individual, and acts accordingly.

Those who read or hear prophecies, but do not act upon them, bring no benefit to themselves or to others. But when warnings are heeded, and positive actions are taken, even by one individual, all of mankind may benefit at least a small amount.

Many study the prophecies of various and diverse prophets of various and diverse faiths, but any study not applied or acted upon is only intellectual, generating an egotistical feeling of superiority and knowledge.

Many study only to satiate curiosities. Such individuals seek continually grander and greater prophecies, while becoming numb to the true events unfolding about them in the current here and now, the present.

Many individuals study prophecies because it seems the “in” thing to do. In this way they can speak glibly to their friends and acquaintances.

Some study from a feeling of duty. They feel they have fulfilled their obligation by studying prophecies, but without ever acting positively upon the prophecies to manifest a better today and tomorrow.

Some individuals study because of fear. They desire to know where the highest mountain is that will not be flooded. They desire to know where there will be plenty of food in twenty years. They desire to know where wars will not rage.

Such studies are prompted purely by the desire for self-preservation and often the additional motives of greed. These people are not interested in others, but have only a selfish interest in their own safety and gain. They claim to be spiritual, but they are not; they are wolves among the sheep, waiting for a moment of weakness, that they may feed themselves at the expense of the flock.

But there are those that hear due warnings. They take warnings to heart and they make true and adequate changes within their lives. These individuals are the ones that utilize prophecy to the benefit of themselves and all of mankind.

The present time is the end of an Age, the end of an Era.

Thus, the many events of the Age are being brought to their karmic climax. Such can be a time of great anguish and desperation, or such can be a time of magnificent benefit according to the actions and according to the consciousness of mankind, individually and collectively.

We set before you a basic guide, “a map” of the greater events of the world. If used correctly, such shall serve to provide “sign posts”, markers, that may allow proper and adequate decisions to be made, and actions to be taken, so that mankind may gently enter into the coming Era without great turmoil or trauma.

Such is Our hope, but such is dependent solely upon the consciousness and actions of mankind, individually and collectively.

Thus, it is urgent that mankind leave the paths of greed and lust, and walk upon the paths of love and mercy.

If you “hear”, comprehend!

If you comprehend, assimilate!

If you assimilate, act!

Action is the key. Action brings about manifestation. You are the creator of your destiny. As you act, you create!

Hear and heed! Inaction is a form of action. Apathy may be the ultimate, and possibly the greatest challenge for mankind. Thus it is written, “I would that you were hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm, I spit you from my mouth”.

If you disagree, do something about the situation. If you agree, do something! But by all means, whether you agree or disagree, do NOT allow this day, and the next, and the next, to pass you by without taking action. To do so, is to yield up your creative power of divinity, and to yield up the influence that you have to affect your world through the invocative and evocative principles, that it might manifest a more positive reality in the here and the now, the present, and in the future!

Many of the things that We say shall truly tingle the ears of those that receive them. Many of the things that We say shall burn as embers of fire in the hearts of those that receive them. Much of what We say will find no comfortable place to rest in the thoughts of any individual, yet all of what We say is important to you.

Will you create your destiny,
or will you allow destiny to happen to you?

Will you make it better,
or will you receive it, as it potentially “is”?

The choice is yours!

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