Private Consultations

Answers to the questions you have yet to ask

The donation for a personal soul guidance from Daniel Clay is $1,200.00US. A private consultation usually consists of about 10 questions and lasts approximately an hour.

You may ask personal questions concerning life, relationships, health, finances, etc…

If you can be present in person to ask your questions, this is the best option.

If it is not possible to be present in person, you may send your questions via email, and you will receive a digital copy of the answers to your questions. This is the most preferred option for those who cannot be present in person.

Or, you may meet with Daniel Clay live via Zoom, but you will then not be sent a digital copy of your meeting. This option is only available to those people with a good high speed internet connection.

You may send your contact information with your PayPal donation and we will contact you to schedule your time with Daniel Clay. The donate button below takes you to a secure PayPal page.

Daniel Clay provides direction
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