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“Daniel Clay renewed my faith…” 

Gerry Philpot, Atlanta, GA

“You are one of the best I have ever met.” 

Geraldine McDowel, Virginia Beach, VA

“Thank you so much for your reading. I have found it to be one of the best I have ever received.” 

Michele Andolina, Wellfleet, MA

“In past years, the Central Ohio Area of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) hosted a program featuring a very special or unusual individual speaker. In October 1995, we asked Daniel Clay to speak to our group. Approximately 200 people attended the program which was held in the Columbus, Ohio Unity Church.

Daniel Clay spoke from his meditative state, starting with a 20-minute introduction about everyone being a Divine Creative Force, and how such should be used or not-used. He went on to talk about the changes to come in our country and the world, how to prepare, and about prophecy in general. He also described events that he had previously prophesied that had already occurred. He then answered questions from the audience and talked about vibration.

Daniel Clay summoned some familiar Archangels and spoke about soul growth on the various planes of existence. He also told us about the lost years of the Master Jesus, His Ascension, and other facts generally not known. He gave information about the Bermuda Triangle, the one-world market, and other great financial insights.

He spoke about the force of gravity and how it can be neutralized.  He also gave us some yet-unknown information about incarnation and re-incarnation. In short, during that Saturday, Daniel Clay gave astounding information and much food for thought.  The following day was spent on Healing with many in the audience healed from serious conditions. He taught us how to properly pray to manifest that which is desired, such as bringing rain to a drought-stricken area.

All in all, these two days were very special, they were filled with love, and they were life-altering for those who were fortunate to be present.” 

Darian Torrance, Columbus, Ohio

“I wanted to tell you that Isabel (my daughter) the day after the seminar with Brother Daniel, started to say words she had never said and again more words the following day and every day we are seeing improvements in her. All her therapists are amazed at how much she has and continues to improve from being totally non-verbal and severely autistic. Her body is finally healing and starting to be like any normal little girl. After 4.5 almost 5 yrs. of being in this very dark journey, we are seeing the light.

After the seminar with Brother Daniel, my faith is even stronger.  I am so glad that he was okay with letting my baby attend the seminar with me.” 

Maria Ginetto, Charleston, S.C.

“When I first met Daniel in 1993, I was led into a large room full of educated people, ranging from a renowned author to professional business people and many sophisticated Washingtonians. A few minutes thereafter Daniel Clay took his place in a large chair and sat in the lotus position. He went into meditation and all was still. Then it happened. Something was different. The energy in the room changed. And then he spoke. He began with a dissertation explaining who “We” is and where the light, love and wisdom come from. Daniel Clay spoke with authority, kindness, love and compassion. As I sat there, I noticed that light seemed to surround him. I felt peace and joy at the same time. I realized that this man was different, and what I was experiencing was special.

After his introductory words, he allowed all of us to ask questions.  No subject matter was off limits!

Daniel Clay can read what is in your heart! When he said, “You may proceed as you will,” my mind began to race and my consciousness opened up. I thought, “Are you serious—any questions?”

Could this be a dream? A chance to have any question answered? My mind raced. I had so many questions moving through my head. What can I ask? What should I ask? What an incredible opportunity we had. I was astounded by the answers that he gave to everyone’s questions. We all knew they were truth! Someone asked about the future of humankind. Another asked about the mystery teachings of Jesus. A man asked where the dinosaurs came from and what made them disappear. We were given answers to all. I felt the power and how Daniel Clay’s gifts could benefit mankind! Medical cures, future events, prophecies, any knowledge was available to me now. It was like opening an encyclopedia of everything known, unknown and what is in our universe!

But, then something happened that shook the core of my being and made my heart jump for joy and my soul sing. A young man who I met earlier before the speaking event said to me, “I don’t know who you are? How I got here, or why I’m here. I was driving by and saw the sign and was guided to stop here and come in. May I stay?”  I said, “Yes, you are welcome, for you must be here for a reason.” He began to tell me. He had been in a car accident and could not walk without his three-prong metal crutch. His hip was crushed and he walked crooked and with intense pain throughout his body. I watched him as he sat sideways in a chair and winced from the pain in his body. Then he raised his hand to ask a question, “I would like to ask for a healing.” Daniel Clay looked at him and with kindness said, “Come.” As the man rose to his feet and started to walk. Daniel said, “Stop! Your faith is strong!” Who is it that you pray to?” The man said, “Jesus”. Daniel Clay, “Then you are healed in the name of the Christ!” The man stood up and was healed! He walked around the room crying and praising God! The room shook with emotion and joy! We had just witnessed a true miracle!

Since then I have seen many miracles and miraculous healings occur. Cancer disappear, tumors disappear, people walk, a man with a few days to live is still living today!

Daniel Clay is here not to display his many gifts, but he is here for us. His mission is to raise the consciousness of humankind and to make the world a better place for us and our children and their children.

To be in his presence and experience the Divine moving through Daniel Clay is one of the most amazing, emotional and heart lifting events I have ever felt in my life.” 

James Haas, Cherry Hill, NJ

“When I met Daniel Clay for the first time, I saw his eyes. They were sharp and soft, welcoming and secret, they were a world of their own. Then I “discovered” the man behind these eyes (as far as anyone can use the word “discover” for the universe that is Daniel Clay. You feel happy if you can pretend to know just a little bit of him.) He comes from the Light and he goes to the Light, and everyone who approaches him receives a part of that Light.

Daniel Clay’s mission (being a “lighthouse” showing the proper way) began when he was a very young boy. By the power of prayer he was able to cure, to heal, to help, to give strength and love around him. Since the age of seven, when he has something to say, he did and will say it because this ordinary man with extraordinary eyes and irresistible smile has an extremely important message to deliver. It is a message of confidence in humanity, but it is a warning too. We are on the edge of a new era which can be an era of a better humanity, or the world of evil. There is no fatalism, only a choice, and Daniel Clay urges us to make the good one. Our world is inextricably bound to its mankind and this one is now obliged to evolve from the single cell to the pure Light.

From time to time in our history, a man comes upon this earth with the mission to give warning and show the way to his fellow men. Sometimes he is heard, sometimes he is not; but what he has to say will happen anyway. Nothing is more remarkable than the ministry of these prophets because they come amongst us in times of violence, doubt, or great selfishness. They are quiet people, they have no doubts, they don’t care about being loved or even understood. They speak by the Will of the Lord.

As for Daniel Clay, he has to communicate for humanity’s sake for a greater spirituality and consciousness. When all the spirits will be bound together, whatever their religion, it will be the beginning of a new world: a world of consciousness.

It does not mean, of course, that the future is totally predictable; the human evolution escapes to all calculations: but what is predictable is this unification of the spirits and the irrepressible raising of the thoughts.

That is what Daniel Clay has to say and, in my opinion, it is the essence of his message: humanity has to believe very strongly in its destiny, and its destiny has a meaning. There is no place for doubt, no place for disenchantment, but a total faith in the human intelligence, human reflection, human invention, human vitality. If not…. 

Anyway backwards will lead to chaos.”

Catherine Hermary Vieille
French Author

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